Sunday Slipperz Debut Album "Cowboys To Girls"

Get ready to slip into a realm you have always wished existed. Blending easy listening jams and rhymes to lather in, Sunday Slipperz insist you let them “bathe you." With Bubbabarret's beats beating Bieber believers senseless, you’ll percolate over the soul and funk inspired by the likes of Tonya Morgan, 9th Wonder, J dilla, and Tribe Called Quest.

There’s something here for everybody. Let Doctor P serve you up some “green eggs and slam” dunk - Seuss style. Even if you can’t dance, sit down and put your feet up, because this album will do all the work for you. It’s easy when you’re laying back to the laidback grooves that are right for all the right occasions. Bubbz won’t let you forget, “Sunday Slipperz are here to change the world."
Should be listened to repeatedly for the best results.

- Kenneth Jones, Renaissance Man


Slippers Are Back

    After a long slumber, the Sunday Slip trio has risen - waking up the whole world with their first music video produced by Blake Horn.

    The music video creates exciting conversation around our first anticipated EP Cowboys to Girls. The album solely includes vibrant samples from the Intruders - a R/B Soul group from the late 60's-70's.

Album produced by Bubbabarret aka Bubbz features the Slip Trio Mc's: Doc P, DinoVibrations aka Dino Vibe, and Bubbz. Album also includes special guest appearences.

Christmas is coming early this year - expect the album to drop early to mid December...stay tuned


Sunday Slipperz - Jas Catzz. October 2012

Sunday Slipperz debuts their first album, Jas Catzz, in October of 2012 - features Bubbabarret, DinosaurVibrationS, Doc P, and other rude dudes. The self-produced album layers Hip Hop with jazz, and includes samples from standards, scat singing, genuine lyrics, original productions, and instrumentals. Sunday Slipperz take the listener upon a vibrant avenue to illustrate an attitude that hip hop is reaching a post-race era. The power of their words resonate through the playfulness of life, complexities of the individual mind, and questions the injustices of our world - "conscious" Hip Hop. Rhythm is universal, and the Slips provide the opportunity to play and swing with the music.

Here are a few tracks on the album that you can listen to via soundcloud. Click on their titles and you'll be sent to their link:

"Real Talk"


Enjoy - tune in.


Coffee House Swinger: Brewing Sessions - Boho Fau & Elevated Soul

Boho Fau & Elevated Soul released their sophomore album Coffee House Swinger: Brewing Sessions back in June of 2011, and may be the most beautiful jazz-hop album out there. Boho Fau and Orakl of elevatedSOUL first collaborated in 2006 - independently releasing their first album Coffee House Swinger in May of 2010. Brewing Sessions carries the truth of music from the previous album and allows the music's life to shine. C'est belle

"Corner Cafe"Boho Fau and Elevated Soul. Coffee House Swinger: Brewing Sessions

"Brewin'" Boho Fau and Elevated Soul. Coffee House Swinger: Brewing Sessions

"Sweat Tea" Boho Fau and Elevated Soul. Coffee House Swinger: Brewing Sessions

Vocals-James "Boho Fau" Faulkner
Guitar-Karl "Ora-KL" Oracion
Drums-Vinnie "Lock" Lockett
Upright-Yasu Takayama
Alto Sax-Paulo Des Monde
Keys-Oscar Fenderosa 

All tracks produced, recorded, mixed by elevatedSOUL


"Life of Kings" - Phonte, Evidence, Big K.R.I.T., Ma Tiggalo

Shake your pom poms for Ma Tiggalo. When Evidence couldn't make it for the video production of "Life of Kings," Phonte's mother steps in - video also features Phonte, Big K.R.I.T., and the hip-hop genius 9th Wonder. Charity Starts at Home was Phonte's first released solo album. He walks the listener onto a new path into hip-hip by bringing back the soul of music. He illustrates the power of self-awareness, individuality, love, and takes us through the struggles of the realities of life. Conscious hip hop - turn it up

"Eternally" feat. Median - produced by 9th Wonder. Charity Starts at Home